• About the Artist

    About the Artist

    My existence is a creative and spiritual one. Through painting I can envision a reality like none other while reflecting my view of the world within myself and beyond. As soon as the brush touches the surface, a conversation starts and the canvas responds, translating the inner universe that is my subconscious and capturing fleeting thoughts into a colorful, wild landscape. In a practical, rational life that I live, the work I create is often a reminder of the other mystical side of life that I embrace. This is my way of staying curious, playful, and compassionate.
    Whether you can find my work in an exhibited space, or on a commercial wall space, or even hung on a wall in your home, my work is a way to explore personal sacred spaces for anyone curious enough. I’ve had many exhibits, notably at institutions such as Montserrat College of Art and Endicott College. I want to continue working on public mural projects for businesses and non-profits, which I have done successfully with Beverly Main Streets, Punto Urban Art Museum (Salem, MA), and Henry’s Market (Beverly, MA).

    Photo Credit: Joni Lohr